About Us

Jungle Gym Magazine has been providing top quality articles and timely reading materials for more than two decades through periodicals that are printed and electronically published. We deal with up-to-date issues that seek to inform individual of the latest news about the community. We also feature important people, places, and amazing stories that would inspire and push movement among people.

Our team consists mostly of writers who have experienced in dealing with pressure and thrive on it. Every individual starting from the editors in charge, up to the most junior staff have trained to be the best in the industry. As such, we are confident that we are the team to beat when it comes to the most updated news in the industry.

We know the social relevance our news bring to the public. This is why we only aim to bring to everyone a just and fair news that does not aim to influence, but to inform. By doing so, we allow our readers bring forth their own opinions and to cite their own ideas on the matter.

Today, Jungle Gym Magazine had already been a recipient of many awards due to our continuous excellent service and the support of the public. We received awards including the Award Winning Design Magazine, Most Influential Electronic Magazine, and Most Innovative Publication for Magazine Design.

Due to your continuous trust, our only promise is to never stop improving to serve you better. We continue to gather ideas on how to serve you better and create more materials that would help you more. We are thankful to our fast growing community. At present, we already have more than a million subscribers and still counting.

Let’s be partners for a better future. Let’s help open the public eye to the latest issues. Let’s incite movement that would make this community a better world for everyone.