Moving on 101

It is just so much you can say about getting your heart broken. It is not always expected, and there is no specific drug you can buy from a pharmacy for as an instant cure. But one thing is for sure, when it hits you, you can either sulk or move forward.

But how do you really go through a bad break up?

They say the solution is simply to stop denying and start accepting. Easily said than done. Unfortunately, there is no actual book that can guide you through the right process of acceptance. There’s only you and your way of coping with the situation. In this article, Jungle Gym Magazine conducted a survey asking people how they manage to ‘accept’ – to cope with a breakup and we have rounded up their answers below.

1. Give back all those things you received from the person

Perhaps the hardest thing when moving forward is seeing the gifts that person gave to you some time ago. Whether it is a life-size bear you received on your anniversary or that nice necklace you’ve had for your birthday, they are just not worth having in your space if and when you look at them, they just remind you of your heartbreak. The best thing you can do as you let go of your past relationship is to let these things go with it. If you do not want to give it back, you can always give it away to those less fortunate. In that way, you can even practice your goodwill.

2. Move to another place

Breakups are hard enough. But what is harder is that when you start living together and buying home furniture and appliances together. You can talk to your ex-partner thoroughly about this – how the separation will go; who will get who; or if there’s a need to liquidate them in order to generate a money you can share between the two of you. If you bought the house together and wants to put it on the market, you can check out Lead Geeks motivated home seller leads to the easiest way to generate money from it.

3. Go out and start mingling

The first impulse when we go through a heartbreak is to isolate ourselves and sulk. This is a form of grieving which is okay for the first few days. But after a while, people find that they cope better when they are around people, especially new ones who they do not have as common friends with their previous lover. Travel if you must, and explore other places you haven’t been to before. Who knows, this time what you may find is already your happily-ever-after.

4. Sever all contacts

The first few days is always the hardest. But after you cut off ties with your ex, there is no need to make excuses why you should not burn those bridges that link you together. Explain to your common friends why you should not hear about the person for a while, and if there is a need, temporarily cut off ties to those who will insist. Never, ever attempt to initiate contact, and definitely prevent yourself from possible drunk texting. You can never get anything good out of it.

5. Be realistic, stop denying

It may hurt at the beginning, but the best way to move forward is to feel yourself hurting. Get used to it, and start the journey one little step at the time. Face the breakup head on and encouraging yourself that you are getting back together. Stop denying what happened, and stop telling yourself that everything will be the same again. The earlier you accept that fact, the faster you can find a way to move forward.

Truly, heartbreaks are never easy. But if it helps, you can take the above-mentioned pieces of advice from those who already suffered from it and came out on top. Good luck!