What we feature

Jungle Gym Magazine is an interactive online media company that strives to be eclectic. It covers, music, fashion, art and worldly lifestyles. Jungle Gym Magazine is a reflection of our visitors’ city and playground. We take charge in seeking out amazing talent and introducing them to the world’s stage. JGM will break new ground in online media, news, and entertainment. A representation of progress and hope for the new generation, we will be reaching out to our visitors, via concerts, showcases, charity, and sponsored events.

Art – We will expose various facets of the artistic world, covering upcoming art and artists is a key to the mission of Jungle Gym Magazine. Co-hosting events with the artists, we hope to reach new audiences and further extend the reach of their works.

Music – Covering new and upcoming artists that are in every area through co-sponsored events; we hope to expand the artist’s audience. We will be updating our visitors with the musician’s latest endeavors. Featured artist will have their latest projects on our web site so that the fans can hear new music and download songs they like.

Fashion – We will uncover fresh new designers of unique styles, street wear, accessories, and high end couture ensembles. JGM will submerge itself and its readers with these creators, spotlighting their fashion shows and other exhibits.

Film – Jungle Gym Magazine will bring new directors and writers to the forefront. JGM believes that it is a great outlet for people to present their vision to the world; we will review new movies and shorts.

Sporting – Sports has a definitive impact on culture and JGM will cover sports from this angle. From skateboarding to inline aggressive skating, basketball, BMX biking, football etc. our interviews with athletes will aim to bring a different aspect to sports.

Politics – Offering a unique, young, and urban perspective on the world of politics is essential. Our coverage will be honest and offer equal time to both sides of each issue.

Technology – Our tech section will offer reviews of the latest gadgets entering the market