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What We Do

We, in the Jungle Gym Magazine strive to give you the latest news in all aspects of the community home services – house cleaning, plumbing, carpet cleaning, home decor, garage door repair, and much more. We cover it from local issues to international news that aims for people to be informed of the most up-to-date happenings in the community around them. We serve as the eyes that never sleeps for the community.

Monthly, we feature well-known people with success stories to share that would motivate the community to do better. We also feature video tutorials for DIY projects necessary for every home. We see to it that every reading we come up with would be interesting to the public eye and would encourage them to think and generate ideas.

One thing we are not is dishonest and unfair. We are never malicious in anything we write and we see to it that we maintain an objective mind when writing anything for the public.

Our Jungle Gym Magazine Community

Our community is a place where people can Share ideas and opinions on the current events and latest issues in the community. We encourage intelligent discussion but of course with the absence of inappropriate language that may be offensive to other members.

As we do this, we encourage personal growth on their personal lives and other aspects relevant to the news at hand. Members can come forward to share their stories which in turn could be featured in one of our magazines. While we welcome a healthy debate, we do not tolerate personal attacks and destructive criticism. If you do not agree with this, then please be informed that your comments will be removed. This is for the benefit of other individuals and also to retain the harmonious relationship of the community.

What you can do

By subscribing in Jungle Gym Magazine, you are helping is spread awareness to the public when it comes to the issues in the community. You are also the first in line in getting the most sound advice from us. Read and be inspired of stories from people all over the world. Learn about their culture and be informed of the latest happenings outside your community.

Cliché it may be but “Knowledge is Power,” and power we strive to give to our subscribers.



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